You’re Welcome is developed by Cégep Limoilou and funded by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec (Entente Canada-Québec)

The team

Content Expert

Andy Van Drom

Multimedia Technician

Mathieu Brisson

It Technician

Richard Blondeau

AV Technician

Éric Gagné

Sound Technician

Francis Bélanger-Desbiens

Pedagogical Counsellors

Stéphanie Bégin
Catherine Talbot

Vice Dean of didactic resources and pedagogical development

Sylvain Leclerc

Voice Actors

Francis Bélanger-Desbiens
Penny Lee Biggin
Nicole des Rochers
Paola Di Muzio
Jennifer Egan
Monica Madden
Viviane Mahy
Donna McEwen
Johanne Morin
Tracey Neil
Simon Paradis
Christine Penner
Amy Pittendreich
Marc Sexton
Andy Van Drom


Nathalie Roy


its_my_job “find a job” by Nicolas Vicent from Noun Project
numbers “Sharp Sign” by Rflor from Noun Project
scheduling “Calendar” by Denis Sazhin from Noun Project
welcome “Handshake” by Harsha Rai from Noun Project
how_may_i_help_you “Info” by Jürgen Bauer from Noun Project
the_client_is_always_right “client” by Alex Kwa from Noun Project
working_as_a_team “Gears” by Hubert Orlik–Grzesik from Noun Project
communicating_by_email_or_letter “Mail” by Aya Sofya from Noun Project
giving_direction “manager” by Gan Khoon Lay from Noun Project
making_recommendations “seal of approval” by Rflor from Noun Project
explaining_processes “support” by Gregor Črešnar from Noun Project
summarizing_information_and_describing_places_v2 “web information” by Pravin Unagar from Noun Project
making_the_sale “sales” by Roy Milton from Noun Project
professional_presentations “analyst” by Gan Khoon from Noun Project