Working as a team


This module helps you to interact with superiors, colleagues and collaborators in a harmonious manner. The reading activity pinpoints professional attitudes that are important in any work context to create a positive atmosphere and respectful work relationships. Practise reading comprehension strategies and skills and take a note of any words and expressions you are unfamiliar with. Two listening comprehension activities present excerpts of meetings and the communicative functions they require, for instance presenting information, interrupting others, expressing agreement and disagreement, and leading a meeting. As you practise your listening comprehension skills, take a note of the words and expressions that relate to these functions and observe how and when they are used by the speakers. The grammar component of this module reviews pronouns, which are essential during a meeting to avoid repetition of objects, concepts and people’s names. Mastering the different types and forms of pronouns is necessary to avoid any possible confusion or misunderstandings. Finally, you will review and practise words and expressions related to meetings and expressing agreement.