The client is always right


This module helps you to interact with clients in a courteous and efficient manner when dealing with grievances and customer complaints. The reading activity zooms in on the use of social media as a customer service platform. Practise reading comprehension strategies and skills and take a note of any words and expressions you are unfamiliar with. Three listening comprehension activities present different service industry contexts in which you may need to deal with an unsatisfied customer, whether in person or on the phone. As you practise your listening comprehension skills, take a note of any words and expressions that are pertinent to your field and observe how and when they are used by the speakers. The grammar component of this module reviews the form and use of the present perfect, and contrasts it with the use of the simple present and simple past. Mastering the meaning of these tenses will allow you to better understand the temporal aspect of a complaint by establishing whether it belongs to the past or continues into the present. Finally, you will review and practise words and expressions that express types of problems and mistakes, attitudes toward them and ways of apologizing for them.