It’s my job


This module helps you to precisely and efficiently describe the skills, qualities, and routines that relate to your field of work and study. The reading activity focuses on the opportunities for young workers in fields such as sales, hospitality and trades. Practise reading comprehension strategies and skills and take a note of any words and expressions you are unfamiliar with. They will be useful when describing your future job and the tasks, skills and qualities it involves. Three listening comprehension activities introduce workers occupying a job that may relate to your field. Again, as you practise your listening comprehension skills, take a note of any words and expressions that seem pertinent to your field. Pay attention to their pronunciation. The grammar component of this module reviews the simple present and the present progressive. These are the two tenses you will need to efficiently describe your skills and qualities and present yourself in a professional context. A pronunciation exercise helps you pinpoint and practise the three ways in which we can pronounce the final -s on plural nouns and third-person singular verbs in the simple present. Finally, you will review and practise vocabulary items to express skills and qualities that are essential for young professionals in today’s workplace.