How may I help you?


This module helps you to offer your help as well as make and answer requests in a professional manner. The reading activity looks at an iconic profession of the service industry – the butler. Practise reading comprehension strategies and skills and take a note of any words and expressions you are unfamiliar with. Three listening comprehension activities look at interactions in which offering and asking for help and information in a professional context occupy a central place. Again, as you practise your listening comprehension skills, take a note of any words and expressions that seem pertinent to your field and observe how and when they are used by the speakers. The grammar component of this module reviews modals, more specifically the modals may, shall, would, could, can and will, which allow you to offer or request something in different contexts and with different degrees of formality. Mastering the use of these modals will allow you to approach your client in a polite and respectful manner. Finally, you will review and practise expressions to appropriately respond to questions and requests you may typically encounter in the context of your job.